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Snapchat Printer - Snap2Print

Designed to work with SnapChat, Tap2Print is the latest social printer to hit the market in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Tap2Print - Snapchat Printer

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Tap2Print - Snapchat Printer Hire

Designed to work with Snapchat, Tap2Print is the latest social printer to hit the market. 

How it works


The Tap2print - Snapchat Printer

Small size – At 25cm square these printers can fit into any sized event.

Battery powered – The printers are battery powered and can last for up to 7 hours meaning you don't need to run power cords.

Custom faceplates – The face of the printer is it's own Snapcode. Custom Snapcode options are available.

Mounting – Printers can sit on tabletops or be mounted to smooth flat walls.

Custom Filters – Want to customise your event? We can help with a customise filter.